Sunday, May 28, 2006


Ironically, I went to an E/B Games yesterday in search of something for either my computer or PS2, and I walked out feeling slightly deppressed. Nothing looked even mildly interesting. It was either TRUE CRIME: NEW YORK CITY or NBA 2006, and not a whole lot in between. I was in the mood for a space-type shooter like the old Wing Commander and Starfox series and oddly these types of games are just not in vogue right now. Not a single title looked interesting, so I went home and downloaded a Super Nintendo emulator program and the ROMS for Starfox and Wing Commander. My wife looked at my as if I was insane.

"The games look so primitive," she said.

Yeah, it's true. Compared to the graphics engines of most recent games, Wing Commander looks visually like a piece of shit. The only difference is that Wing Commander is almost non-stop action and actually requires some skill to play succesfully. It's neither a linear story nor an interactive movie. It really is a space-dogfighting game unlike anything else made in the last 15 years or so.

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