Sunday, April 01, 2007

"The desire for private space, for separation, for movement away from the putative comforts of home accounts for such conundrums as long commute times in single-driver cars and needless business travel. Cocooning, nesting, staying connected, hiving, homeshifting - call it what you will, the idea, at least for the male, may prove to be better than the reality. For many men, going to the job is a function not of need, but of desire."

"As pathetic as the territorility of the male worker may be, it is not to be easily dismissed, as commentators from C. Wright Mills to Studs Terkel can attest. Men want their space. But why? And here it is mixed in with status displays, pecking orders, and modes of aggression, that we might also consider the need to hide, to get away, to be alone, to be momentarily safe. While the home may be a refuge from work, modern work is also a refuge from the home."

James B. Twitchell's Where Men Hide

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