Saturday, April 21, 2007

I KNEW they existed!!!

OK, so anyone who has spent enough time around me when I'm drinking will know that I have a bizarre long-standing tradition of talking about one of my favorite things from the 80's: Muppets. I used to wax philosophical about their virtues in comparison to the drek that is today's children's programming, and inevitably, I would bring up the "Yup-Yups" from Sesame Street. This is the point where even my stoned friends in college would look at me and say "naw, man, you're making that up." I swore I could remember these hilarious, bewildered "yup-yups" and no one else seemed to. Well, through the magic of YouTube, I bring you, straight from when I was 4 years old: the "Yup-Yups"!!!

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