Friday, July 13, 2007

There is No God

Two douchebags in a Ferrari F430 parked outside of our office today blatantly in the NO PARKING TOW ZONE in front of our main window. They were blocking a fire hydrant for almost 30 minutes as they went in on their cellphones and had a leisurely lunch. They didn't even put on their hazards (if Ferrari's have them) Not a single police officer passed their illegally-parked, $309,000 car for a half an hour. Not one. Not a meter maid, not a parking enforcer, nothing. And this is the same street where I got two parking tickets in the same four-hour stretch one time. I thought for sure I'd see some devine retribution for all of the Nanny-State crap that the CPD have been pulling lately. Maybe, just MAYBE there'd be a time where I saw the CPD doing something warranted or worthy of the hassle that they are for the general Chicago populace.

Clearly the Chicago cops have better things to be doing at the moment, like enforcing idiotic speed limits on the outer drive.

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