Friday, October 26, 2007

Ten Strange Things/Habits About Me

Ack! Attack of the stupid internet memes. Still...

1) I am scared to death of spiders. Yes, I know they're harmless. Yes, I know they're 1/1,000th of my size. Yes, they freak me right the hell out.

2) I can speak tiny snippets of French, Japanese, Polish, and Russian, and I can follow conversations in German and Spanish, though I can speak none of them well. I took Latin for four years in High School and I cannot speak it at all.

3) I'm notoriously procrastinatory when it comes to visiting the optometrist or dentist. I've seen neither in over two years.

4) I can extend my hip joints freakishly far backward. When lying flat, I can raise my leg several inches backward off the ground, which apparently only a very small number of people can do without rolling to either side or using their back muscles.

5) I hate returning phone calls. So much so that most people who fail to get me on the phone the very first time, or call me back themselves, will never hear from me again. I don't understand why I'm like this, I just am.

6) I used to have a strange aversion to greeting cards, which has partially changed in the last few years. Their convenience has swayed me, but I used to think that they were pointlessly expensive and impersonal.

7) Instead of having two curving lines in each palm, I have a single, straight line that goes directly across my hand. John also has this, but only on one hand. It is unusual to have it on one hand, and it is extremely rare on both hands.

8) Though I used to absolutely love them when I was a kid, I'm very wary of riding bicycles after severely injuring myself on one when I was 13.

9) I can roller skate very well, but not ice skate.

10) I cannot focus at all during the day if I have not had an opportunity to wash my hair in the morning. I don't really understand the mechanism of this, but if I don't get a shower at least to wash my hair, I literally will think about it all day long, and be impatient for hours until I get my shower.

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