Saturday, June 07, 2008

Father, Husband, Author, ... golfer?

I was feeling like I could take on the world a little bit after I bought the new laptop in what felt like an impulse purchase, so I let Beth talk me into going golfing this afternoon. Despite being rained out and me whiffing the first half a dozen swings either at mid-air or digging a half-inch hole in the ground, I actually got the hang of it rather quickly and by the second time I teed off I smacked it straight up the fairway about 150 yards, which was as satisfying as it was surprising. I topped the ball several times with the awkwardly-shaped and too-short iron clubs, but I did pretty well chipping and putting. It was quite fun overall, and I plan on going again as soon as time/weather permits. Beth captured the moment because, like most people who know me well, I have a long-standing problem keeping my mouth shut about how lame I used to think golf and golfers were. I guess I can use this as a flagship example of my openness to new experiences, if not my worldliness.

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