Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fire Hydrants

Anyone want to explain to me why the Chicago S&S department thinks they need about thirty feet of yellow sidewalk on either side of fire hydrants? Seriously, in one of the most parking-restricted areas on the entire north side, where there is a fire hydrant approximately every three or four hundred feet, why do they need to take up a thirty or forty foot segment of what little curbside space there is? If there's a massive building fire, do the firefighters plan on carefully parallel-parking their gigantic tankers so as not to impede the traffic that won't be coming through due to the police blockades?

When the snow falls no one knows where the yellow curb paint starts and ends anyway. Even if you leave an entire car length, you still might be technically too close to the hydrant and draw one of those nice orange and white love notes from the Chicago Department of Revenue.

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