Sunday, March 15, 2009

Like it's my job

I've been editing my face off lately. I'm putting together the second, fine-tooth-comb edits of the stories slated for inclusion in Thank You, Death Robot, the long-awaited Silverthought robot-themed anthology. Paul and I have been working on this for literally years and it has taken on an almost mythical nature akin to people hunting snipe or trying to find Prince Albert in a can. People say "when the Death Robot anthology comes out" the way you'd say "when hell freezes over." Due to the interruption of a never-ending series of other projects and side-tracking activities, we've had this in our print lineup for nearly four years now. Nevertheless, it's going to be finished soon and it's slated for release sometime in late Spring. Keep your eyes open! I'll try to post more when I get finished with this round.

Hey, I've even put aside Resident Evil 5, which I've waited years for and Beth bought me, in order to make hay while my creative sun shines. Plus, speaking of the sun shining John and I have been spending lots of quality time at the park lately and playing swords with his foam nerf "lightsabers".

On the bright side, he still occasionally misses.

Pictures and more book release updates coming soon!

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