Monday, July 27, 2009

A month with no updates

How the hell did that happen?

In there interim, quite a bit has gone on in my life, including two very exciting developments. First, of course, it the birth of my nephew Gabriel Aiden Ryzycky. My sister Brooke and her hubby Walter are the proud parents of a 5 pound 2 oz bundle of joy who despite being born more than a month early comes home today! Congratulations guys, and much love!

Also, my newest book, a collection of robot-related sci-fi stories titled Thank You, Death Robot, is finished and will be available for pre-ordering very shortly. I'll post an update for the link when it's ready. It was quite an adventure editing material that I didn't write (the book contains work by 13 great indie sci-fi writers), and I'm very pleased with the results. Stay tuned for more about this.

I submitted my new novella about child soldiers titled Loosed Till Dawn Are We for the So New Writer's Prize last week. I'm excited in particular about that one because it marks my first real departure from the sci-fi genre and it more than exceeded my hopes. My previous novel, a post-apocalyptic story titled The Damnation of Memory, is slated for release later this year, and I'm currently working on a fourth new book, untitled, about time travel. My newest sci-fi short story "The Warmother's Supper" was posted at last month, and I'm proud to announce that my short non-fiction piece "Guerilla Reading", will appear in the upcoming collection Upstart Crows II: True Stories, published by Wide Array. Overall, this has been a season of unprecedented productivity for my writing, and I couldn't be happier about it.

The Chicago Brands have been enjoying the summertime, taking trips to the Morton Aboretum in Lombard, IL for an overnight, and to the beach this past weekend for some fun in the sun. John is already a pretty decent sandcastle builder and jumped fearlessly into Lake Michigan. Our new favorite toy around here is the N-Strike series of Nerf dart guns and we have several of them now. Granted, the purchase of the three-foot-long, magazine-fed, bolt action Nerf Longshot sniper rifle did give me pause to check the label. It said "For Ages Six and Up", and I thought, hell I'm thirty, we're good. Aside from sneaking up and ambushing Mommy with them, John is also developing a pretty good singing voice. I'll post some videos when I get a chance. John goes to his first day of pre-school on August 25th, which is just under a month away!

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