Sunday, November 01, 2009

Long Lost

Well, it's been damn near forever since I updated my poor blog, but there you have it. As many of you know, I was laid off from my previous practice in May and spent the ensuing four and a half months in a long and involved job search where I applied for something like 150 jobs and interviewed for a sizeable chunk of them. As you might expect, I did find some practices I liked that were either unwilling or (sadly) unable to meet my salary requirements, but I eventually decided to broaden my search past just the immediate north shore and I almost immediately found Park Chiropractic in Mount Prospect. Mount Prospect, if you live in the city or the north shore, sounds like one of those hinterland-type suburbs, but I found happily that it takes less time to get there than into the city and the commute is considerably lighter.

The best part, however, is that my new practice is a nearly perfect fit for me. My range of skills make me something of a magic bullet for the right practice, but finding that practice wasn't easy. Dr. Park, my new boss, is an excellent doctor and she and I have very similar ideas about care quality (only the best) and office environment (flexible, team-oriented, and low drama). My new office is a beautifully well-appointed clinic on Prospect Ave in the heart of downtown Mount Prospect, and we have virtually every piece of theraputic equipment available for our patients to take advantage of. The practice is small enough that logistics and paperwork aren't overwhelming and we can focus our efforts 100% on the patients with few distractions, yet still large enough to be steadily busy and continually growing even in this economy. Needless to say, I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

John is loving pre-school and has a fun little cadre of pals he eats breakfast with every morning. Though it has not yet become fully mainstream, the potty is now very much on his radar and he uses it as often as it is practical for him. H1N1 has made an appearance at his school, which is worrisome, but with their insistence on constant hand-washing and other precautions, I am relatively reassured that the spread of it and the regular flu will be at least slowed. The weather has been utter crap here for almost an entire month with rain and overcast skies nearly every day. Yesterday seems to have at least partially broken that up, however, as today the sky is clear and blue and beautiful.

Thank You, Death Robot is out and the initial impressions of those readers I've talked to have been very favorable. It took just short of four years to finish from initial talks to the book-in-hand, with delays and allowances for other projects I worked on in the meantime (including the birth of my son), but I think the overall quality of the end product justified the wait. Len's cover, in particular, has been a fan favorite.

I've updated my playlist as well with some new songs. The new Joss Stone album is terrific in general, and apparently Creed has a new album, too. I'll have to listen to it a bit more before I give you a final verdict on that. Tori Amos's "Dragon" I fell in love with after watching the YouTube video of the PS22 Choir singing it. Has anyone seen "Where the Wild Things Are" yet? I'm still dying to check it out. Maybe I'll make that my Tuesday project...

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