Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Podcast Will Change Your Life

Had a great time Sunday night at Orange Alert, wherein I was apparently the first sci-fi author to be invited on This Podcast Will Change Your Life. Many thanks to Ben Tanzer, who was gracious enough to spend some time listening to me yammer on about books, publishing, and why I think sci-fi is entering a new golden era.  Classic TPWCYL hijinks ensued, of course, including much discussion of the flagship of my wardrobe which Ben dubs the 'sci-fi jacket'*, a random rat who crashed the back porch of the Whistler by scurrying under the fence on the patio, and me shamelessly talking out of school about any number of things.  Here's some links to the people, places, books, and topics we discussed.

The Sci-Fi Jacket (Photo is from 2005).
Davis Schneiderman
The Whistler (a fun hangout and nice place, random rat excursions nonwithstanding)
Speculative Fiction
The Iron Heel
and more.  

Click here to listen to the podcast, or right click and choose "save as" to download.

Also was able to hang out with several of my literature friends that night including Jason Behrends, Brandon Will, Kathleen Rooney and Martin Seay, and in addition to Davis Schneiderman I also met Adam Golaski, both very pleasant and interesting authors I hope to run into again.

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