Friday, November 04, 2011

Four Stories, by John

Do I have a story for you
My son came home today from his pre-school with an unusual assignment: for homework he was to sit down with us and write a story that he would then use in class to make a book. John is somewhat aware of what I do and the fact that in addition to "fixing people's backs" (massage therapy) that I also write books. So he was thrilled when I asked him if I could share his stories on my webpage with my friends. Here we go:

Story #1: The Lion's Life

First there was a lion king, then the baby grew in the mommy's belly. Now, then a pigeon walked by and then the pigeon took the baby and the mom was so mad. Then the shuttles came down and then the aliens killed the baby but the pigeon killed the aliens. He broke the aliens with his beak and the baby lion was saved. And then the tools came by and told the baby lion they can share their friends. And Handy Manny told the baby lion he can stay if he wants. And that's the story of the Lion's Life. The End.

One of father's vintage
Story #2: The Heart Loved the Stick

First there was two friends, a Heart and a Stick. Before long, they married each other and turned big. But the bad guys surrounded them but the Autobots came and told the bad guys, so now you know what they do. Someone tells someone and they tell. And maybe they will all discover that you can't make up a story if it's real or fake. And that's how they got married. But you can't do anything without your friend. The End. By John.

Story #3: The Red Crayon and the Blue Crayon

There was two friends, a blue crayon and a red crayon. Then an orange crayon came by and he put one spell on both crayons. Then they were iced. The good guys came by and broke the evil spell. The rocket ship zoomed and killed the bad guy for good. Then the Bakugans came and saved every one of them. And that's the story of the red crayon and the blue crayon.

Evil Autobot?
Story #4: 3,2,1... Go! The Pencil Killed the Evil Autobot by John. Illustrator: Daddy. The one who reads it: John Kangly Stanger (no idea: ed)

Deep deep deep down in the sea lived an octopus and her baby octopus. Then a crayon and a pencil came down and married in the water. But the octopus and her babies did not let those guys marry in the water. So they let out a crew of sharks to throw them away. But the sharks ate them up accidentally. Then they turned into octopus babies and they dived right back into the water. Then the evil Autobot came down and took over the whole water city. And that's the story of the pencil and the crayon. By John. True story.

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