Saturday, May 19, 2012


This song has been haunting me for several months. Whenever my iTunes gets to it, it always gets repeated several times.

Kina Grannis and her sisters covering Death Cab's "I Will Follow You Into the Dark". Not only does she continue to stun me with how great she sounds and how innovatively she re-imagines songs, but this is just a terrific song to begin with.

It wouldn't be a Mark's music update without at least one cover-vs-original. I'm also obsessed with The Knife's "Heartbeats", covered here amazingly well by Zero 7's Jose Gonzalez. The Gonzalez version first because it will make you love the original even more.

Inexplicably, I've been on something of a country-music kick lately. No idea. It could have something to do with the fact that I remember when Kellie Picker was a goofy young also-ran from Season Whatever of American Idol.

And from the same Huh-I-was-pretty-sure-you-sucked file, Kelly Clarkson here with Jeff Beck singing her face off for "Up to the Mountain".

And the very-Nu Country "Don't You Wanna Stay" with Jason Aldean. Aldean looks like he's trying very hard here to look cool and sensitive and all Johnny-Cash-man-in-black at the same time, and it's all a bit painful, but Kelly Clarson is lovely as always and there's something equally lovely about this song.

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