Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm not saying my obscure music is better than yours, but... No, you know what? I actually am saying that.

I discovered Noah Gundersen on Pandora and the soundtrack to Sons of Anarchy. His big song is called "Family," but I think this one is my personal favorite. He evidently performs with his sister Abby and a number of other folky-harmony types. Check it out.

Beth and I caught Phox opening for Junip earlier this summer, and they totally blew me away. Their sound, loads of different types of instruments blended together, with frontwoman Monica just awesome-ing up the place, was a high point of my summer.

I discovered earlier this year that my Brand ancestors were originally from Glasgow, Scotland and came to the US in the late 1800's. Since then I've had sharp ears for anything that smacks of the northern UK, and this song sung by Julie Fowlis came up at some point on Facebook. It's gorgeous.

It goes to show how long it's been since I've meaningfully updated this page, since Southeast Engine was my favorite discovery of the year in summer of 2012. Still awesome, though, like a hillbilly, Depression-era Allman Brothers, in all of the best senses of whatever the hell that is.

More Noah Gundersen. This time with his sister in some little venue sounding as good/better than the studio recording of this song. "Fire"

Another Scottish song, this one about a fishing boat, though it's not terribly easy to pick that out. A bunch of people have done this one, but this was the best version of it I could find on YouTube. There's a couple on Spotify I like better.

One of my favorite songs of the entire summer, Phox's "Laura (Oh Girl)"

 Noah and Abby Gundersen do a medley of folk-gospel-sounding O' Brother Where Art Thou-ish stuff. My favorite comment from the YouTube page "How do people like this even exist?"

Another one by Phox. This funny little tune starts off in a strange way and then builds into one of my favorite songs of theirs, only revealing at length that they know what the hell they're doing.

You've seen Sons of Anarchy, haven't you? If so, you know why Greg Holden's "The Lost Boy" is unforgettable. If not WHY HAVEN'T YOU SEEN SONS OF ANARCHY?!? IT'S THE BEST F*CKING SHOW ON TELEVISION. STOP READING THIS BLOG AND GO WATCH SONS OF ANARCHY.

I heard this on NPR a few months ago while I was pumping gas and it just captured my attention somehow. I like it more every time I listen to it.

I'm all over the place about Junip. They suck live, their albums are amazing, and this video is creepy as shit. Still...

Ike Reilly is a fairly recent discovery for me, but he's growing on me slowly and steadily like The Hold Steady. Listen a few times, I bet you'll agree.

Kina Grannis and Hunter Hunted do the Lumineers' "Ho Hey", a brighter, sweeter version of the original. They haven't done much lately on their YouTube channel to write home about, but I did like this one quite a bit.

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