Life After Sleep's plot is coming true

What's better than writing a book ripped from the headlines? How about writing a book and then having the headlines hit about a month after it gets released. The plot of my new book Life After Sleep is apparently already happening. This article from Thursday's Wall Street Journal talks about people trying to cheat their sleep cycles in order to get more done, leaving them chronically sleep-deprived; and not only that, but the scientists who are studying them to see how to make this level of sleep-cheating possible for everyone. Amazingly, the article directly quotes a hospital administrator, a computer programmer, a doctor, and references "people who work in social media." If they'd included an Iraq war vet, it would literally be the cast of Life After Sleep.
The best quote from the article was: "If I went to bed earlier, I'd feel like half my life was missing."
Oh do tell, WSJ, do tell.