This Blog Will Change Your Life reviews The Damnation of Memory

Ben Tanzer has some very kind things to say about The Damnation of Memory over at This Blog Will Change Your Life. He is of course spot-on about TDOM: it does owe much to Cormack McCarthy's The Road and John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, and it also takes for its novum many concepts I first encountered in Vandana Shiva's wonderful Monocultures of the Mind, and a structure inspired by Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient. I love that Ben mentioned our conversation about Red Ivy here as well because it ties into the subject of influences. I'm not sure if it was the transition to my 30's or the equally important one into fatherhood, but in the last six or seven years I've begun to increasingly see almost all of my writing as a series of love songs and conversations with the things that have enlightened me or spoken to my sensibility at any particular time in my life. I think the older I get, the better and more honest I am with myself about doing this.

The Damnation of Memory on This Blog Will Change Your Life